medicine woman


{a wellness blend}

4 ounce loose tea
small batch
slow crafted

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my absolute go-to for maintaining health and wellness in my home

lemon balm

(all organic ingredients)

anytime there is a hint of illness in my home, i infuse this tea. i steep it overnight in a french press for a strong dose of wellness and then again with a second steep to really extract the most from the plant matter. enjoy this blend hot or cold. it’s incredibly delicious.

for a single cuppa, 1 heaping tsp in 6-8 oz of just boiled water. steep for 5-10 minutes or until your intuition signals completion.

enjoy with our stainless steel tea infuser.


the five tea blends that i offer in the witchery are teas that my family and i enjoy often. they are staples in my kitchen and formulated with wholehearted, deep magic. i create these blends in reverence to mother earth, offering her gratitude for the nourishment and beauty that she provides to us with such loving abundance.

my tea blending is ceremony and witchcraft, and has been lovingly nourished and inspired by my dear sister witch and tea muse, lindsay holt of the wild soma. please visit her site and offer her your support and patronage.

teas arrive in compostable packaging.


{the tea blends offered through the witchery are formulated at home and loved by my family and i am delighted to share them with you, but this information is not intended to diagnose treat, cure or prevent any disease and should not be considered as medical advice. results/benefits may vary from person to person and it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that these statements have not been evaluated by the fda. . it is the purchaser’s responsibility to become familiar with the contraindications of any tea or herbal before using. please consult a health care professional before drinking any tea or herbal for health or medical reasons, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing or on any medications. be sovereign with your health, y’all.}

*this blend should not be used if you are pregnant unless under guidance/observation of a qualified healthcare professional as yarrow has the ability to relax the uterus thus increasing risk of miscarriage. it should be taken with precaution if you have allergies to the asteraceae family.

we are a small business and hand made home and do not offer refunds at this time. please commit to your yes before purchase.


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