There are moments in life when you know that you are about to experience something significant, something profound. A sacred moment when you feel that transformation is occurring in your body, your mind and most importantly your heart, and you know that this change is guided by the Love of Spirit. Brandi is a channeler, a creator and a harvester of these sacred moments, and through the space that she holds, my heart is opened again and again, and I am transformed. ~Adrienne

What a sacred and beautiful experience Brandi has created for us Witches. She has created such a safe container for women to be vulnerable, powerful, curious,  engaged, and inspired. The resources that were provided for us each month were educational and also fed my curiosity about “how” to be a Witch, what that looked like for me, how to deep dive into myself to find the powers that were already inside of me. I never felt like anything was homework or “work”, only opportunities to explore rituals and practices that felt authentic to me. The calls that I could make always resonated and felt so safe, and while I couldn’t be on many of them, I always felt a part of something very special. I am beyond grateful for Brandi and all she is and all she continues to create and share.

What can I say about Brandi?  My experience with her at her Spirit Flow sessions were nothing short of amazing. I was nervous to commit to the group as it was a little out of my comfort zone and I really had no idea what I was getting in to. The moment I walked in and saw the beautiful and sacred space that Brandi had created, I melted and my heart and soul knew that this was exactly where I needed to be. Brandi exudes love and compassion in every word she says and every movement she makes. She empowers you just by being in her presence because she is so thoughtful, intelligent, soulful – and so willing to share her passions with you. She is a goddess. She is powerful. She is nurturing.  Spirit Flow created such beautiful space which allowed a strong and loving circle of women to grow, share and experience truly soul arousing experiences. I feel closer to many of those women after seven weeks than I do with women I’ve known for decades. My heart grew a thousands times under the carefully planned sessions that Brandi created for us. For me, it was a journey back to dawn of ages and to a future of infinite possibilities. It’s been a month now since we have met and there isn’t a day that I don’t think back to my time with Spirit Flow and the women I encountered there. I feel the wild, warrior woman in me now which was only a vague concept before attending our meetings.  If you are reading this, it means that you are being called to step up, take a chance – and grow that wild, precious, all knowing, all loving aspect of your true self. There is nothing that can compare to the power of a strong and loving group of women relishing in the awe that is in each of us. ~Linda

To say I was lost and now I am found is an understatement. Before the Spirit Flow workshop, with the magical Brandi, I was non existent: lost in motherhood, a loveless marriage, a life path leading nowhere. After the first circle and the first tears shed I could feel the transformation happening. Over the next 8 weeks I found myself, I found lifelong sisters, and most of all I found my soul song!! If you are questioning your purpose, or if you are lost then you need to be here. You will be found again, in love, in spirit and in peace. -Lauren C.

I recommend this class to anyone who is serious about changing their lives for the better through the Divine Feminine. For me, Spirit Flow was a life changer! Through immediacy, vulnerability, and love, I discovered myself effectively visualizing my authentic self, reassessing, then strengthening my recharged purpose. Spirit Flow revealed the light, beauty, and divine spark that is inherent in each us and our star sisters. Brandi (love!) is such a wonderful guide. Her presence, strength, and grace creates and holds sacred space like no other. She led the way as each of us tapped into our own creative, individual selves, reawakening the need for a circle of supportive sisters to love, live, and grow with. Acknowledging your whole truth is an invitation to embrace all of who you are – the more you embody and embrace your whole self, the more you can manifest truth in the world. Spirit Flow is truth and pure love in abundance. If you have the opportunity, don’t miss out – manifest. I’m so glad I did. ~Jessica H.

Witch has meant so much to me. It’s been better than anything I’d expected it to be. I came into witchy things on my own by myself in what felt like a desert-life, stripped of meaning or magic by the drudgery and aseasonal sameness of my surroundings, unable to see or imagine another way. I always felt like something was missing and that I could never find it. Witch was something that helped shift that. So many ideas for living more magic were shared in so many ways. I really appreciated that there was no one right way to do things, and I felt amazed at how many different ways there were for different people that came up throughout the course of Witch. I learned that anything in life done wholeheartedly and with conviction can be magic, and there’s room for all of it. There are so many right ways to do things, though that qualifier can only completely be known by the person doing it.

Through Witch I rediscovered and strengthened my connection to parts of myself I’d lost or stuffed away very early on in life. I’d already been trying to do similar things on my own, but I found Witch when I was looking for more, and discovered exactly what I needed.

Going into Witch, I thought maybe this would be the sort of thing where I’d just learn some neat tips, tricks and ideas to be more earthy or something, and that I might not even be very good at it. But it wasn’t like that at all. (Being earthy was fine too, that just wasn’t what I needed.) Instead I actually learned how to live a more empowered and wholehearted life on my own terms and by my own definition, and I felt unwaveringly supported in doing just that.
~Amanda K

This class changed my life and my view of the world. The combination of the physical (yoga), mental (meditation) and emotional mixed with the Goddess revival education was a perfect fit for me.

This class allowed my healing journey to advance further than I expected. All of the aspects of my past that I’m recovering from (rough childhood, abusive relationship, eating disorder, etc) have reached new and better heights. I recently experienced an episode of personal crisis. A year ago this would have led me down a familiar path of further self-destruction and relapse. Because of Spirit Flow and the work we did I lost myself to this drama for one one day instead of 3 months. This healed something primal and deep within me that has changed everything.

Because of the class I now recognize the brightness of my own light, it fed the flame and continues to do so almost a year later.

If you know you are worth so much more, if you can feel that a change is needed, if you are ready to truly meet the REAL you then Spirit Flow is an amazing, beautiful step in the right direction.
~Jen K.

Writing my experience for Spirit Flow is beyond words. I have yet to be able to convey to people the amount of personal and spiritual growth I had or exactly what the circle was about. I moved from a tight ball of a person into someone that is more open, intuitive, loving and thankful. I see the world with more love and wonder. It sparked my personal journey and ultimately propelled me into something my soul has been looking for all along. I had always been searching for something and Spirit Flow was the perfect venue to set me on my course.

The women that I met, my sisters, are now apart of me. It still amazes me how I came to love each of them and still know very little of them. Thank you for this amazing and unarticulated experience. I am a better person for this.

I went to this ‘Spirit Flow’ not knowing really what to expect and came out a more balanced, empowered and loved woman!  Spirit Flow touches your soul and brings so much to you life, more then you will or could ever imagine.  I am on a path now that I was having trouble finding, thanks to Brandi and the other magical sisters that were also on a journey.  Since Spirit Flow I have not only become the person that I love and respect but I have also gained wonderful, magical sisters for life!
I would definitely recommend Spirit Flow!  It forever changed my life for the better!

Much love and light,

I love Spirit Flow so much that I have participated twice. If you are not a part of a Circle, take this course. I can not imagine my life without the beautiful connections I have made with like-minded women. The bond that is created is unbreakable. The love I feel for my sisters lifts me up every single day.

Personally, I decided to take this course twice because the things I was learning were all so new to me. On my second journey with Brandi, I was able to really relax into the teachings and incorporate them deeply into my soul. What have I gotten out of the course? I’m brave. I’m strong. I am a seeker. And I am loved. And mostly, I am now a part of two circles of brilliant women. Honestly, I can barely remember my life before Spirit Flow.

This course is truly a gift. Every woman leaves with exactly what she needs. It’s magic. Join. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made for myself and I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Spirit Flow is an opening and deepening, creating and gathering, soul igniting journey. A gathering of sisters creating a sisterhood like the ones written of in fables and ancient lore. It is divine magic, blissful healing, expanding into you–into every last piece of your essence awakened, loved, cared for, and nourished.
~Jessica A.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the privilege, honor and pleasure to sit in Sacred Circle with women who have become Sisters of the Heart and Soul. We came together knowing very little or nothing about each other. Through the exquisitely beautiful processes that Brandi facilitated, we bonded and fell in love with each other. We held for each other and celebrated each other in ways that every single woman (and man for that matter) deserves to be held and celebrated. This process, called Spirit Flow, affirmed my desire to BE on the planet and my delight to BE ME. I am renewed in the Love, Beauty, Strength, Courage, Inspiration and Magic that I AM. I feel loved and supported beyond measure. Thank you, Brandi! Thank you, Sisters of the Heart and Soul! I LOVE YOU!
~Rita I.

Calling the Spirit Flow experience a life altering journey does not seem to do it justice. Yes, my life was altered in a way that I never knew could be possible…but it is so much more! I sat in circle with women I hardly knew and over the few weeks we were together we not only became friends, we became a family of sisters. A bond that, at least for me, would typically take years to form happened within days! We bared our souls and shared our hearts connecting with one another on a level I wasn’t sure existed in this chaotic “Me First” world we seem to live in now days. We received one another, our words, our stories, our experiences with open minds and unconditional love in a way that was so overwhelmingly contagious I couldn’t help but take that same feeling with me wherever I went. Spirit Flow is more than life altering, it is nourishment for the soul, a warm hug for your heart, and connection for your entire being.
~Raye S.

Brandi Woolf’s Spirit Flow is just that, a Soulful soul flow! And if you’re geared for it, a soul rocket! This one of a kind experience left me fulfilled in ways I could not foresee. I can honestly say that this multi dimensional journey inspired me and connected me in the deepest of ways~ to women, to Spirit and to Self. It was exquisite and tearful. A most creative gift, FULL of surprise, that I already know will be giving to me for a lifetime.
~Krista V.

Brandi, the work you do can be deep, murky and muddy but it opens a person up:: wakes them up in order to heal themselves and others :: and walk towards what has been waiting for them. Thank you for signing up, showing up and supporting our growth.
~Leann C.

Witch has been a balm for my Spirit and such a beautiful container for magic to bloom. Big transformation has transpired over the course of the moons that has brought me closer and more aligned with my essence. Portals of magic have opened and I am finding the thread of magic that I get to weave throughout my day. One could say that this is just life and that these things just happen. And yet when I feel deeper into the transformation I have been walking through I feel this container ~ this companionship ~ I feel Witch. Brandi is a jewel and such a gift. She holds space like she was born for it. I feel full of so much gratitude for being able to walk along side her and the sisters I have met here. 
~ Alexandria

This Witch companionship with Brandi and the others has given me that deep knowing that feels soulfully good and healing.

I have found Brandi to be amazing, a true Priestess. She created a beautiful community and holds so much knowledge. She is so genuinely caring and is a wise and beautiful, beautiful soul.

I was provided with beautifully written and inspiring course material and there was endless opportunity to talk about it with Brandi and the others and extend experience in whatever way interested me. You can do as much or as little as suits you, and I never felt pressured, only encouraged and guided to do what feels right for me.

I am a quiet introvert, who struggles with depression and am new to these Witchy ways, so I was apprehensive about joining up. But I am so very glad that I did. I have gotten so much out of it, and made some big steps in my life and am learning to trust myself and my intuition in a way that I couldn’t before. The world needs more of THIS.
~ Sarah T

Brandi is a beautiful, sacred being. Working with her in this companionship has been such an amazing experience. I have learned so much in the last year. This class is eye opening, thought provoking, primal and soul stirring. Brandi is genuine, insightful, funny as hell and I’m just so grateful to get to work with her.
~Isabel D

Brandi’s offering is a gift and such deep heart medicine. She is everything I could ask for in a sister, a witch, a guide. Such pure, unfettered magic flows from her. The material provided each moon is inspiring and thought provoking, asking us to dive into the deep, underwater caves of our beings. To investigate, question, and re-member. I can say that I am not always ready for it in the moment. But I know that I can come back to it whenever my soul whispers, “It’s time.”

Witch has been a journey for me, one that I knew in my soul was a fuck yes, but one that I consistently feel like I am an imposter on. My severely introverted self struggles with being seen, with sharing my voice. Brandi holds space for it all with such an unwavering, supportive presence. Her ability to create safe, empathetic, raw space is such an incredible gift. She meets you right where you are and tells you it’s perfect. It’s okay. There’s no rush and there’s no behind. As someone recovering from years of people pleasing perfectionism, it is a soothing balm.

The women who share the circle are such fierce, beautiful, vulnerable, and varied witches. And, even when I haven’t been on live calls for some time, I always feel witnessed and held. Welcomed. What a beautiful, sacred thing to be. There are no words for the gratitude I feel for that acceptance. Something I’m not sure I’ve ever felt in my life. This companionship, because it truly is just that, is something I feel honored to be a part of. I cannot recommend WITCH enough. It’s so much more than I ever thought it would be.   – ~Shoshana

Tuning in to our internal darkness can be daunting, especially if we’re afraid of our own magic, but Brandi has a way of making the journey feel possible. Her voice and teachings are always authentic and offered in a nourishing way, never forceful or judgemental, just gently guiding you to look inside yourself, to do what feels right to you, and reminding you not be afraid of whatever comes. 
~Holly K

Deciding to go through this Witch journey, this Witch companionship, was an act of rebellion for me. An act of rebellion against those who wished I would be quiet, sit down, shut up, do as I’m told, take up my cross and follow Jesus (in the fundamentalist sense). An act of rebellion against those who support Kavanaugh, and that whole debacle last September. Those who support Trump. Those who seek to use and abuse. Those who prefer secrets and lies. It was an act of rebellion that gave me the keys to unlock the door to my own remembering. Remembering my Witch nature. My witch history. My long time devoted service to Mama Earth. Reverence for her. And all of the seeming mysteries that were just the way it was way back when.

It was an act of rebellion.

But it was also a way to tend to and nurture the deepest parts of myself that hadn’t been acknowledged. A way to love. Both myself and humanity. A way to see with fresh eyes not tainted by the mechanistic, cold, soulless societal programming amidst so many of us. 

What turned out to be a giant leap for me, which I retracted at the beginning, but then surrendered to a solid YES, ended up being a significant turning point. This companionship started weeks after I celebrated my 41st birthday, and this has been an utterly magical and transformative year of me being tapped into my soul’s knowing, tapped into the energy of nature with her cycles and seasons, tapped into archetypal energies of the collective unconscious, tapped into the richness inherent in the Feminine.

It was Brandi who led the way, acting as a conduit for this knowledge she has lived out for her lifetime. If there was ever a woman I would want to learn about all things Witch from, it would be her. I’ve learned from a few others, and appreciate them, but Brandi emanates a raw humility combined with fierce power that shines true as a devoted Witch, through and through. We all have our own ways of being Witch, and Brandi reminds us of that continually, empowering us to take part in only that which resonates. She doesn’t prescribe anything, but rather offers. Invites. Shares. She is gloriously open to the innumerable ways of embodying Witch, celebrating our uniqueness. She encourages and supports us. She’s a fellow companion in the journey we’re all in, together, and I honestly shudder to think how different my life would be if I hadn’t participated in this companionship. I’m grateful I heeded to the pull of my soul, though it was a rocky start of indecision. In facing and moving toward the unknown, though, I discovered parts of myself that had laid dormant for decades. Now, almost a year later, I feel more alive and in tune (with myself and with the cycles of nature).
~Sarah B

I’ve been taking Brandi Woolf’s Witch course now for almost a year. Ifind the information fascinating, the delivery to be above par, & theheart of the woman (Brandi) to be clear & welcoming! Wherever you are,she meets you there – to support, not to do it for you; to offer – notto expect. I find these to be rare qualities found only in seasonedteachers & guides. You would be Well Served & Blessed by taking any ofthe courses she offers!
~Sati C

WITCH with Brandi is a beautiful, connective, magickal journey. It’s a gentle, 100% safe space with gorgeous witches who are so generous and deeply care about one another. It’s a place of healing. I can’t say enough about Brandi herself. She is so welcoming, empathetic and beautiful. She deeply cares about every sister in the collective and goes above and beyond to personally get to know each woman. She is available, loving and magic. If you follow her feed, you can probably already sense this about her energy. Highly recommend partaking in anything she offers. All my love.

My heart is so full with the love and heart balm that Brandi weaves for all her circles. This is my second year in her Witch circle. Her magic runs deep and truly is this beautiful slow living magic that beats to the same rhythm as Gaia. That beat brings you back to your center, back to your breath, back to re~membering, back to your essence. Brandi is an utmost gift of a guide, a wayshower, sister, witch, and priestess. Words cannot fully express my deep gratitude for her witnessing, wisdom, laughter, holding of tears, guidance, and listening. Witch is so much more and different than I thought it would be. For me it was medicine that I deeply needed as I retrieved my soul over the past 3 years. Dancing spirals ~ twirling ~ crown and heart to sky ~ I forever give deep bows to Brandi and all my sisters in this blessed circle of Witch. 

This is not a class, it is truly a companionship. It is an invitation to uncover your own personal magic. Being a part of WITCH for the past two years has enriched my life. It has given me a space to connect to my vulnerable authentic self, and to become more grounded and confident in that truth. Sitting in circle with Brandi as space holder and guide enables you to move beyond learning about what it means to be a witch, and to embody in your daily life whatever meaning you discover. In this companionship we each find our own way to WITCH, but we do so in community.

One year ago I was fiercely debating with myself over joining WITCH. Could I be a witch? Did I want to be a witch? This companionship is the safe space I needed to explore what it means to claim WITCH. After twelve moons with Brandi I can confidently say that my inner witch has always been with me. All I had to do was acknowledge her, to begin stripping away the layers of suppression and fear so she could rise up. Brandi is a loving guide, a seasoned professional, a scholar, and the older sister I always wished for…full of wisdom and compassion. Don’t be scared, don’t hesitate. You were called here for a reason. I hope you can allow this companionship to do for you what it has done for me.