“Dare this dream: What would it feel like if you harvested and lived as all of you?”
-Jaiya John

I am a mama from my earliest journey and since that potent initiation I have traversed terrain that has taken me through the dark and murky depths of soul. A process both terrifying and beautiful, it taught me the necessary and life changing magic of ceremony and sisterhood.

I began my life as a daughter of the ocean and now it is the mountains that I call home. I live on the land with my family growing a life that nurtures magic and creating relationships that nourish the Earth. We are stewards of this land and live to inspire and be inspired by living simply and loving deeply.

I am a weaver of story through ceremony and words~ and through fiber, roots and bones. I am a witch by birth~ that ultimate rite of passage preceded by spark and star dust. I embody the sacred and live my days in service through my children and the land.

I circle women and shine a light on their own knowing~ the knowing that takes root in the dark. I hold space for you to unravel and re-mend as you remember. I am a creatrix of ceremony for the passages of life that ask for honor, and am a Priestess in service to the Mother, in Her darkest shadow and brightest light.

I am here in the practice of gratitude and to nurture relationships that honor courage and vulnerability. I believe that the stories of women will heal the world.

In reverence,


Yoga: I offer you over 1000 hours of credentialed and certified learning since 1999, under the wise and creative tutelage of Gloria Hidalgo, who was my very first yoga teacher/mentor, as well as Angela Grace, Sati Chappelle and Jessica C Patterson of Lahiri School of Yoga and Root Center for Yoga, respectively, and the late, great Teryl Lundquist of Yoga Journeys who pioneered the yoga movement in Colorado Springs, CO. I hold countless hours of teaching in studios~ my own and others, plus continuous study with my most beloved teachers: Angela Farmer and Shiva Rea. I have been teaching since 2001 and my inspirations live in intuitive, flowing, heart-centered movement and growing discipline as devotion through developing a personal practice.

Priestess: I am an ordained Minister and have been holding space as Priestess for more than 25 years, though truly, I know in my soul I was born Priestess. Since 2010, I have had the great honor of calling Nikiah Seeds of Red Moon Mystery School my teacher and mentor. I am initiated as Elder Priestess and am Staff Carrier, Bone Holder and Red Drum Leader through the Red Moon Mystery School. My Priestessing is embodied through my devotional practices and daily life lived with the the Land, moving through the days in sacred intention with my family, offering ceremony and ritual for Thresholds, Rites of Passage and Liminal Spaces and in holding space through my Soul Work of Witch, Priestess and Spirit Flow. For more on Nikiah and her Mystery School, please follow this link.

Tarot: I have been a student and channeler of this beautiful medicine way since 1995 and have had the privilege to read and interpret the cards for many clients. I consider the Tarot one of my most beloved guides and teachers. Since 2018, my studies with Lindsay Mack of Tarot for the Wild Soul have greatly inspired and deeply enriched my journey with the Tarot and the way I receive and share the cards wisdom.

Mentor: I have held space for hundreds of women in group work and private mentorships for over 25 years now. My greatest purpose in this work is to see you w(holy), call in your re-membering and to reflect back to you your own innate wisdom.

Witch: I am a Witch by birth, and if you are called to claim this so are you. There is no resume required for bone deep knowing.

::Gathering Kelp Medicine:: Photo by Jessica Zinchuk (The Story Medicine)

Header Photo of my sun kissed beloveds by Jacqueline Rouse