I walk my path with wild, tender devotion.

I lead the same way.

I inspire women to tap into slow and simple witchcraft through meaningful and intentional living
to create a life of nourishing ritual and uncomplicated joy in the everyday.

Magic exists. It is within reach.
And it is yours to call home.

I will help you lift the veil

that clouds your vision to the everyday magic that lives in your extraordinary life.

I will walk with you as you infuse that magic into your daily living
to bring in more ease, purpose and joy.

I am a Witch and a Priestess.

I would be honored to serve as your guide into the mysteries as they show up in your own heart.

Explore ways to work with me.

Brandi Woolf is the mother of three wild daughters and the partner of a magic man. She is devoted to the path of Priestess and is a champion of sisterhood and slow magic. Her soul work constellates through writing, making, and holding space for stories to unravel and bones to remember. She believes that courage and vulnerability are necessary and that the stories of women can heal the world. She wants to dance more, have more hope and less doubt, and is a devoted lover of the moon and chocolate cake.

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