The History of the Drum is the Herstory of Women.

In community we gather to honor the wisdom of the feminine and to step into a place of empowered healing. Together we craft the sacred instrument that from ancient times was the tool of women.

*When the drummers were women their hands spoke the mystery of the goddess.
When the drummers were women sex and sexuality were sacred, always.
When the drummers were women the heartbeat way was an initiation through life, death and rebirth.
When the drummers were women, community was created under their rhythm.
When the drummers were women, they told stories through the wisdom evoked from their fingertips.

*(I highly encourage the reading of Layne Redmond’s beautiful book: “When the Drummers Were Women”)

The ancient priestesses knew that to sound the drum was to have direct communication to spirit. To journey between the worlds for healing, guidance and divine connection. When the drummers were women they stood in their own sovereignty, and deep inside, we have never forgotten. We’ve carried the drumbeat since womb time and beyond; since our mother rested in our grandmother’s womb, in a continuous cycle of the beating heart. 

The drum connects us to our forebears. It connects us to our medicine. It has the ability to heal generational wounds. Through intention, dedicated time and devotion it can carry our prayer songs. It can carry our magic. 

I am honored to have the privilege to carry this medicine forward, with the blessing of my sister priestess, friend and teacher, Nikiah Seeds of Red Moon Mystery School. Though the herstory of women and drums is beyond measured time, the herstory or the Red Drum Carriers began with Nikiah and the beginning of her shamanic training, where she traveled into journey before making her first drum and discovered everything was cloaked in red~ the landscape, her guides… even the drum placed into her hand~ all red. Through research and study she discovered that in ancient times the women carried red drums, sacred to the goddess~ to represent menstrual blood, the divine feminine and the pulse of life. She spent years uncovering the perfect blend of natural ingredients to make a deep rich dye and re-membered this red drum back into the world and through her birthing of a beautiful community of Carriers and Leaders. It is a gift to share the red drum with you through my own personal creation of intimate ceremony and magic.

Creating and carrying a red drum connects you to a long spiraling lineage of women.

Your Red Drum Workshop includes:

~a full day of ceremony, beginning at 10am with community breakfast and intention sharing
~uncovering the Magdalene as Priestess of the Rose through plant medicine and heArt and soul work
~drum crafting (16″ round) and blessing
~potluck lunch
~a guided journey into the womb cave to meet the spirit of your drum
~extensive exploration into the root and heart chakra
~crafting the drum beater
~community voice and finding our prayer songs
~handouts/pdf’s about caring for our drums, specific uses, decorating and awakening our drums
~closing ceremony with care package, departure at 5pm


$300 per person
~a minimum of 6 participants are required to book a Workshop

Please contact me to discuss booking and details.

** I am based out of the Western Slope of Colorado, however I am happy to travel out to offer The Red Drum Workshops. Travel fees range from an additional $25-$75 per drum, depending on location.