Insight Tarot
I am a weaver of words and with Tarot as my medium, I tap into the divine wisdom of the cards (and sometimes a rune or two, if Spirit calls) and translate it by fully dialoguing with the messages received. Rather than offering you an on the spot Live Reading, I prefer to relay the transmission to you through recorded correspondence. This gives me time to truly dive deep and journey on what is being received, delivering the messages to you in a way that provides maximum integration. I believe this offers you more insight into your inquiry and creates a more worthwhile investment.

Your reading will be delivered via mp4 recording (with transcript included) to your email so that you can revisit it as often as you like, along with an image of your spread.


“Brandi. Wow! She drew me into my reading as if I was sitting beside her and not listening to her recorded words through ear buds. She was spot on with things I have been feeling but could not quite put together. I am in awe of how she so clearly and lovingly put into the words the information that needed to come across. I have listened to her reading several times, taking notes each round, and have found more guidance and understanding with each session. The clarity that has been given is a gift; I now have a map whereas I had been wandering.” ~Leann C.

5-15 minute reading (generally a 3 card spread, for simple inquiries)
$45-$90 sliding scale

30-45 minute reading (10-15 cards, for more in depth exploration)
$100-$225 sliding scale

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Once your payment is made, please allow 5-7 days to receive your reading via recorded audio to the email provided. If you have any questions, you are welcome to use the form above as well and I will respond within 3 days. Thank you, Wildheart. I look forward to serving you.


“Brandi’s Tarot readings are like a bowl of wisdom soup, nourishing you bone deep and leaving your spirit full again! She is clear, illuminating and loving in her words. Brandi is a Tarot Goddess, with over 25 years of devotion, practice and experience. I have seen this woman living, breathing and sleeping Tarot. She will wildly inspire you in ways you cannot even fathom. Meeting her changed my life and my Spirit work. She is raw truth embodied in the most beautiful way, I wouldn’t go to anyone else for intuitive guidance. Thank you, Brandi. I am forever grateful for the gift of you and how you continue to bless me.”
~Jessica Z.

Looking for a different experience with Tarot in your life? Do you love the concept of receiving the wisdom of Tarot through seasonal story spreads with soul inquiries and art prompts? Please check out my dear friend, Jessica and her beautiful tarot journeys. These are deep soul experiences and not to be missed! The Story Medicine

“Like most spiritual entrepreneurs I need support to balance the delicate, bizarre meeting of essential soul expansion and worldly industry, so for the past three years I have been consulting with Brandi on matters of personal and business growth. With the help of Brandi’s readings my business has scaled from 1-2 private clients a month and a monthly turnover of under $1000 to over a quarter million dollars in annual revenue and in-kind trade. Most importantly, my service and mission has been purified, aligned and immeasurably enhanced from the integrated devotion that has come from the last three years of learning under Brandi’s teachings. This is during the three most personally traumatic years that my husband and I and our two little daughters have endured. Brandi’s support has not only kept us buoyant, but sent us soaring! 
I absolutely love the sheer skill with which she formulates and presents her findings in a logical, magical sequence – a journey of revelation. The clarity builds within me as an embodied remembering rather than a collection of bits of spiritual information. This is teaching in its truest form, remarkably powerful insight. Not only that, but she delivers the message in a multisensory way – a beautiful image of the cards and their position in relation to eachother, a recorded message with her loving voice telling the story of her interpretations (and by the way the vibrational transmission is pure gold, just a second of her voice is healing on so many levels), and not least an eloquently written report – so I can return to the consultation again and again as the Truth integrates and changes everything. 
Brandi untangles the matted fleece in my mind after a long year in business. She cleans it and spins it into a yarn of Truth that is smooth and clear, and soft to the touch. She weaves it into a tapestry that makes sense, tells a story I recognize, shows a map of my next steps, and is stunningly beautiful to behold.
I consider these readings a crucial part of my annual business planning. Brandi is a source of crystal clarity, an incredible strategy for expansion, and a loving balm for my soul. I look forward to many more years of graceful growth.” 
Elizabeth A Wilson
Author, Philosopher
Kerin School of Thought

Insight Mapping
A divinitory explorative into the you that is you, through the wisdom of tarot, numerology and lunar astrology.

This is not a tarot reading. While a tarot reading can offer you guidance and insight towards a particular situation, where/how to steer your ship per say~ Insight Mapping is the skeleton on which that ship is built upon. It is the bones gathered from the stardust that shaped them. It is INSPIRITED insight into the ALL of you.

Insight Mapping is designed to be a deeper look~ the Sacred Well in which you give and receive your magic; a meditation of self that can lead to greater awareness, care and love of the you that is you.

What you will receive:
· a natal astrology chart w/ breakdown of signs, symbols and houses
· your numerological map, based on your name (given/chosen) and your birth in time
· your personal natal lunar phase
· your tarot archetypes for birth and life path
· a personal meditation/visualization to bring them all together
· personal daily affirmations
· how to apply these insights into other divinatory readings, horoscopes and daily life and musings
· a follow up call for questions, further guidance and deeper understanding

This is NOT a computer generated report. This is channeled guidance from my heart space and wisdom wells. Please allow up to 2 weeks from the date of your order for your maps to come through.

More details coming soon…

Coming Soon:
Conversations with the Tarot, the book
A meditative dialogue with the Major Arcana.

I have been swimming in the depths of Tarot and Oracle as insight for over 25 years. I would be honored to serve as a guide for you in this potent medicine way.