13 Moons of Remembering


Thank you for your interest in our annual Companionship, where we travel together in community exploring the magic of WITCH.
Our doors are closed for this season, and will open again late Fall 2023.


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In the meantime, feel free to explore the Evergreen Journey of WITCH, a self-guided and travel at your own pace journey.

I Am Ready.


WITCH (The 13 Moon Companionship)


Witch lives and thrives in the mundane. In fact, that is where you’ll find it, deeply rooted and hiding in plain site in the humdrum, the unremarkable, the dare I say, normal, day to day, beautiful, ordinary life.


As varied in landscape as there are Witches to walk it, we carve the way as we travel it. It is boundless, expansive and shaped by the beat of our own heart. Walking the Path, we learn to breathe in a new way and experience everyday tasks with delight. We see through the eyes of one who knows. We steep ourselves in magic so fully that pouring tea becomes ceremony, washing our dishes, an endearing ritual and all of the seemingly mundane undertakings of daily living, holy work. Presence is embodied devotion. Our witchcraft becomes everything we do, and Witch is everything we are.


To live a life steeped in magic both simple and sacred, practical and profane,
embodying the rhythms of your life~ the life of a Witch.
This is the Journey. This is coming Home.


“Witch has been a balm for my Spirit and such a beautiful container for magic to bloom. Big transformation has transpired over the course of the moons that has brought me closer and more aligned with my essence. Portals of magic have opened and I am finding the thread of magic that I get to weave throughout my day.

One could say that this is just life and that these things just happen. And yet when I feel deeper into the transformation I have been walking through I feel this container ~ this companionship ~ I feel Witch.”



Throughout this Companionship it is my intention to nourish the embrace of your path exactly where it is while encouraging you to expand into your edges, to remind you that there are no measures to meet, ranks to achieve or tests to pass, and to honor your pace towards opening up to your truest self and the Witch within and how you choose to express her in the world.


This Companionship is for remembering that the way we choose personally to live out Witch in our lives is the right way and that we have complete autonomy over our Craft. We will dive into the muck, yes~ we must (a lot of muck comes up with re-membering). We will also ride the waves of delight that arise from the pure joy that comes of living our magic.


“To me, a witch is a woman that is capable of letting her intuition take hold of her actions,
that communes with her environment, that isn’t afraid of facing challenges.”
Paulo Coelho


This Companionship is not intended to put more on your plate. It is not a course of to-do lists. My focus is to meet you where you are and to support the unfolding of your journey in the tasks that already inhabit your day.

My purest intent is to inspire you to find presence and see where the sacred already exists in your life.

So What Is WITCH?


It’s a Remembering. An Honoring. It’s my humble offering to walk with you in community~ with rhythmic inspiration, weekly notes, and monthly deep dives to expand into our normal sacred life. It’s an opportunity to unravel and reweave, share our stories and be inspired through community, and make deeply nourishing friendships while knocking down the walls of the Sisterhood Wound. It is the creation of magic and medicine through the recognition that we are magic and medicine.


Witch is an online container, but the Companionship extends beyond that, flowing through the seasons and the monthly cycle of moon days to bring an intentional sacredness to our everyday moments in real time with feet on the ground, hands in the earth, whole life living. With monthly new moon pages bubbling with inspired magic, weekly guidance and creative prompts in *the Moon House, we are encouraged to find our own path in our own unique way. What does sacred living feel like to you?


Over the course of 13 moons, we will work intimately with *The Moon is My Calendar journal, created by April McMurtry, to cultivate a rhythmic and devotional practice of seeing the magic in our lives on a day to day basis. We will work in our journals both separately and together in our live virtual Circles to share sacred time and space, and to ask questions or seek guidance as needed, as well as connect in the Moon House, *our personal and private network outside of social media where we can continue the conversations and be inspired through community. (*sold separately- upon registration you will be sent a discount code courtesy of April for this Companionship)


Though this is an online container, you are encouraged to print out your monthly material and be in your life off screen as much as possible.


*The Moon House, our coven container and sacred circle space is held on the platform Mighty Networks, which you can access both in an easily downloadable app or on a personal computer.

Registration is closed and will re-open late fall for the 2023/2024 Companionship.



I am a Witch of a wild kind. But, too, am I a mother, a wife and a householder with bills to pay and mouths to feed. I am also a farmer, a community member and a woman with a damn full plate. Remembering {and staying awake} does not always come easily~ so I offer you simple tools and doable practices; ways that have helped me to live a life inspired, a life of honoring, drenched in knowing that every step I take, every move I make~ can be holy. I offer you inspiration to dig deeper, to uproot noxious belief systems and to water the seeds that were passed onto you through the old ones~ the seeds that lie buried beneath the lies we’ve been told, and the courage to nurture your own holy ground so when new shoots appear, you are ready to greet them.


Reclaiming the Witch is BOLD.


And Sister, it’s essential.

It’s a privilege, an act of deep trust and integrity, and a respect for those that could not claim it before us (and still cannot all around us).

Make of your life an Altar of Honoring.
Walk in reverence for your holy breath.
Pick up the pieces that were left for us and put them back together again.


Come. Remember with us as we traverse the wheel and navigate the terrain of what it means to each of us to live an embodied life as Witch. This is a Mentorship in the sense that I will be there for guidance and inspiration should you need it. But more than anything, this is a Companionship~ a path of love and support that we walk together. I will hold space for you, witness and nurture your vision and if you so desire, hold you accountable through your own processes of honing and living your Craft.


“mama priestess” personal artwork and copyright janae charlotte

The Breakdown:

13 months of inspiration and support to dive deep into living your Craft and your version of the living Witch~ coming to you by way of:

•monthly new moon pages and access to a private portal filled with extensive, deeply moving content at the start of each cycle to keep you inspired and engaged

•downloadable pdf’s for easy printing to get your eyes off screen and engaged in living your sacred life

•audio recordings of each moon for those that prefer to listen in and rest their eyes

•intentional group work with The Moon Is My Calendar Journal

•journal prompts and inquiries in the Moon House, as well as tarot readings for the collective and opportunities to share your magic and medicine through the Witches Voice, a bi-weekly “inner”view that showcases the beautiful and messy nuances that make us us and a space to showcase our work in the world to be supported by our glorious community of women

•heArt and soul projects in the monthly moon work to stimulate your unique and personal magic with additional creative heart matter in the Moon House to interact with your sisters and celebrate community

•an optional one-on-one introductory call where we can get to know one another a little better and begin to hash out the why’s of your yes and set intentions for our time together.

•a beautiful welcome package delivered to you via snail mail filled with simple delights to help support you through our journey together.

•a monthly virtual circle scheduled around the full moon to share, inspire, laugh and learn through the magic of community

•an optional live annual gathering where we get to love and play and create magic together in the flesh


The Breakthrough:

Through meaningful living and dedicated devotion to nurturing our sacred life on the daily, we become our intention. We move from the effort of doing to effortless being.


We are Walking Magic. We are Living Witch.


13 Moons at a Glance
This glimpse into the moons is in no way inclusive of ALL that is offered in each, for truly each moon is filled with so much magic, soul, and creative inquiry/projects, that it would be difficult to share it all as the well’s depth is vast.
It is simply to offer you a cup of insight.

Images by Ashley Hallmark. Copyright Gathered and Found. All Rights Reserved.

In our First Moon we investigate our foundations through play, begin to gather the bones that will hold us through the Companionship and lean into supportive practices such as Sadhana, Journaling and creating Sacred Space. This First Moon is about choosing a garden plot, so to speak, and gathering some tools that will assist you when you decide to get planting.

Images by Ashley Hallmark. Copyright Gathered and Found. All Rights Reserved.

In our Second Moon we continue to build our foundations while moving into our Book Practice and diving deeper into the bones of our Basic Witchcraft. We introduce Archetype of Woman and Moon, Elemental Embodiment practices and ceremony around Circle Craft, as well as grounding, boundary exercises and Shadow Work. We meet the Crone and the Dark Moon. This Moon forms the map that will guide us forward and is a chance for you to choose your seeds to plant in your newly formed garden. From here on, the moons will offer you an opportunity to plant something new, or dig rich compost into what is already there.

In our Third Moon we investigate how we relate to the season tides of our environment, begin to converse with our intuition like an old friend and/or what may hinder this process, and discuss the trappings of what is easy vs simple as it relates to practice. We will dive deeper into our personal versions of Witch and how that lives in the bones of us and begin to tap into ancestral longing and belonging. We meet the Dark Mother and the New Moon.

In our Fourth Moon we talk about traveling into the underworld and what it is to live with conviction, as well as the sacrifices we make to ‘make sacred’. We explore faith and conditioned belief systems, how ‘magic spells’ take meaning in our lives, and consider ceremony as a form of devotion to self. We investigate how magic shows up in our lives and our responsibility in how we wield/do not wield it. We meet the Daughter and the Emerging Crescent.

In our Fifth Moon we talk about re-membering as that shows up in our bodies, minds and hearts. We dive into the programming and deep conditioning that lives in our bones and how/what we have learned that needs to be unlearned. We speak to the ideas and actions behind ‘work’ and how that lives inside us, how it shows up in our thoughts and the way we move in the world. We explore doubt, how it limits our magic and our trust in Self and how we can move through it through the spirit of play. We discuss cultural appropriation as it relates to deity and how we can relate to animal/spirit/ancestors as personal guides to ‘guide us’ in our process. We meet the Maiden and the First Quarter Moon.

In our Sixth Moon we offer ourselves a sacred pause for integration and deeper inquiry. We explore meditation and how it can serve us, and also how our ideas around what meditation can be can be limiting. We take an imagined look back into the lives of our ancestors and ask ourselves how meditation played into their lives through the everyday work of toil. We meet the Blood Sister and the Waxing Gibbous.

Header image copyright (photos 1 & 2), Ashley Hallmark, Gathered & Found

In our Seventh Moon we investigate the dark in our lives, and how we could use more of it. We look at how in today’s world we are often plagued by ‘light’ and how this has a direct effect on our nervous systems and overall health. We speak to our connections to rhythm and how we might re-establish patterns in our lives that realign ourselves back to nature’s patterns. We confront challenges around shadow work, darkness, technology and existing in a light-ridden modern world. We meet the Lover and the Crowning Gibbous.

In our Eighth Moon we remember and reimagine our lineage, and our connections to the ancestors. We dip into the heavy matter of the witch wound and what witch looks like today in popular culture. We investigate our origins and how stories have played a vital role in how we carry witch in our cellular structure. We meet the Mother and the Full Moon.

In our Ninth Moon we live into the story of the wounded healer, and how we ourselves carry the healer in our bodies, our everyday actions and our soul tasks. We consider integrity healing and many ways that healing can show up in our craft. We speak to everyday magic being in the mundane, simple to-do’s that show up in every moment. We talk about self care as devotion to self. We meet the Midwife and the Waning Gibbous.

In our Tenth Moon we address the witch wound and how it manifests in sisterhood. We investigate the ways in which women carry these wounds and how the overarching gray cloud of patriarchy continues to perpetuate and uphold oppressive belief systems/actions, and how both our men and women are directly affected by patriarchal constructs. We speak to privilege, white supremacy and Kierarchy and how we might integrate the wounds we carry while not bypassing the reality of the world in which we live. We meet the Amazon and the Disseminating Gibbous.

In our Eleventh Moon we speak to the things that keep us from our magic. We live into the ideas around Witch that we came in to this work with and how they may have changed, or become stronger in their conviction. We look at what we can let go of, what isn’t serving us to carry around and how the ways in which we receive information today differs so dramatically from the past of our people. We return to the Wound and discuss our relationship to resource, how we source and how we are sourced. We meet the Matriarch and the Last Quarter.

In our Twelfth Moon we talk about being a Witch in the world, what that looks and feels like and if it is a comfort on our skin. We speak to knowing ourselves and holding onto what matters most. We invite in ritual and ceremony to honor our process and celebrate ourselves. We talk about the essence of sacred adornment and showing up to our craft with honor and respect. We meet the Priestess and the Balsamic Crescent.

Images by Ashley Hallmark. Copyright Gathered and Found. All Rights Reserved.

In our Thirteenth and final moon we recognize that the ending is the beginning again, that this path is a circe, a spiral and it changes as we do. We investigate all the ways we’ve been filled up and how we may have unraveled to be rewoven into the witch of our dreams. We speak to the importance of practice, creativity and how witchcraft is everyday life. We meet the Sorceress and the Old Crescent and end with a guided journey through all the archetypes we’ve explored during our time together.


We begin December 21st~ Winter Solstice for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere; that holy spark of light while immersed deep in the dark, where a seasonal shift begins to happen, and hope begins to breathe. Moving out of the dark season while also still deeply in it, we will spend the first moon uncovering the bones to begin tapping into your inner song and the devotional practices that call you. You will begin to see, feel and experience through sensual exploration and in the practical acts of everyday magic.

Saying yes to Witch is answering the call that has lived in your bones for generations asking you to show up. It is time. The world needs your medicine.


Brandi is a beautiful, sacred being. Working with her in this companionship has been such an amazing experience. I have learned so much in the last year. This class is eye opening, thought provoking, primal and soul stirring. Brandi is genuine, insightful, funny as hell and I’m just so grateful to get to work with her.
~Isabel D

Registration for WITCH is currently closed and will begin again in late Fall 2023.


Investment Options


Please thoughtfully consider which tier of exchange in the Investment Options below will serve you best and is relevant to your needs, both energetically and financially.


Please understand that the first tier level is the true cost of this program and additional tiers offer a discounted fee. Choosing a Tier that best and honestly suits your financial needs is an act of integrity and trust and so I ask that you consciously assess what you can contribute with what feels honorable for you at this time. I truly believe that when we heal and live into our most sacred potential, that life creates a ripple effect of magic and raises vibrations in those around us. I am committed to keeping this Companionship low cost and accessible to everyone. The world needs you and your magic. Please reach out if you need to arrange a unique financial plan.


If you sign up for the monthly/seasonal payment withdrawals, I ask that you know BEFOREHAND that you are fully committed. While this is a guided 13 month journey, you’ll have the inspiration at your fingertips indefinitely. You can self pace if you like and come back to it when you’re ready.


Before purchase, please be intentional with your YES, as there are no refunds/cancellation of payments for this Companionship. I understand hardship and how life throws us lemons~ and we can always work out pauses in plans if necessary. But it is important that you know that I count on your YES energetically and financially. This requires utmost integrity on your part. Should you cancel your payments after knowing this, your membership to the community and access to the Companionship stops immediately. Honoring and fully committing to your YES is a promise made to me, and to you.


For information on how I price my tiers, please visit this page.

Investment Options for Witch:

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Full One Time Payment:
Tier 1: $1,400.00
Tier 2: $1,170.00
Tier 3: $930.00

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Three payments, four months apart:
Tier 1: $468.00
Tier 2: $390.00
Tier 3: $312.00

Witch :: Tier Investment Plans x3

13 Moon Payment Plan:
Tier 1: $108
Tier 2: $90
Tier 3: $72

Witch :: Tier Investment Plans x13

One on One Mentorship

Full one time payment: $3000

13 Moon Payment Plan: $250/x13


For some of us, we work better with a direct one on one relationship where we can unravel and pull things apart in a personal and private container where the space is held just for us.

This is a personal web we will weave together, just you and me, to support your journey through WITCH. You will have full access to the Companionship, as offered in all the details above, including the community network and Live community circle call. In addition, we will schedule a one on one, hour long guidance/support call once a month to give attention and intention to your specific journey to and through WITCH.


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A poem, by Brandi Woolf

Remember, Witch. Remember.

Take your feathers, your leaves, your bones.
Add to them your roots, your stones.
Mix them in your cauldron’s womb.
Dance for rain and add that, too.
The moon will rise, half in shadow.
Darkness reigning, waning, claiming.
Your time is now, each heartbeat ringing:

Remember Witch, Remember.

Your blood has come, that sacred calling.
You know her voice, you’ve heard her longing.
That deep red muck of lotus root.
She speaks your name, she screams your truth.
Paint your face, anoint your hands.
Know your body, that holy land.
She has been waiting, patient, singing:

Remember Witch, Remember.

You know the way, you know the song.
You’ve walked this path your whole life long.
Drumbeat sounding, heartbeat pounding,
The Ones before you, love resounding.
With every turn of season and moon,
With every deosil swirl of spoon,
You chant the words, you hum the tune:

Remember Witch, Remember.

The stars are out, your feet are bare.
Your arms are raised into the air.
No one told you what to do.
You knew the way, the Way knows you.
So let it go. Release it down.
Heart and blood and bones to ground.
Never doubt your soul was found
From the moment you entered her womb.

Remember Witch, Remember.

About your Guide:

Brandi Woolf has been living her life as Witch for more than 3 decades. She is the mother of three daughters and the partner of a magic man. As a writer (oftentimes only in her head), a student and teacher of yoga, and a space holder for women, she lives to inspire and be inspired. She is a creatrix of ceremony and sisterhood and walks in devotion to the path of Priestess. She believes that courage and vulnerability are necessary and that the stories of women can heal the world. She wants to dance more, have more hope and less doubt, and is a devoted lover of the moon and chocolate cake.

For a deeper look, go here.

“There are moments in life when you know that you are about to experience something significant, something profound. A sacred moment when you feel that transformation is occurring in your body, your mind and most importantly your heart, and you know that this change is guided by the Love of Spirit. Brandi is a channeler, a creator and a harvester of these sacred moments, and through the space that she holds, my heart is opened again and again, and I am transformed.”

Have a question that’s not answered on the Q&A page? Email me at brandiwoolf@gmail.com.

Images via Ashley Hallmark, Copyright Of Breath and Bone.

What the Witches are saying…

This Witch companionship with Brandi and the others has given me that deep knowing that feels soulfully good and healing.

I have found Brandi to be amazing, a true Priestess. She created a beautiful community and holds so much knowledge. She is so genuinely caring and is a wise and beautiful, beautiful soul. 

I was provided with beautifully written and inspiring course material and there was endless opportunity to talk about it with Brandi and the others and extend experience in whatever way interested me. You can do as much or as little as suits you, and I never felt pressured, only encouraged and guided to do what feels right for me.

I am a quiet introvert, who struggles with depression and am new to these Witchy ways, so I was apprehensive about joining up. But I am so very glad that I did. I have gotten so much out of it, and made some big steps in my life and am learning to trust myself and my intuition in a way that I couldn’t before. The world needs more of THIS.

Sarah T

Tuning in to our internal darkness can be daunting, especially if we’re afraid of our own magic, but Brandi has a way of making the journey feel possible. Her voice and teachings are always authentic and offered in a nourishing way, never forceful or judgemental, just gently guiding you to look inside yourself, to do what feels right to you, and reminding you not be afraid of whatever comes. 

Holly K

Deciding to go through this Witch journey, this Witch companionship, was an act of rebellion for me. An act of rebellion against those who wished I would be quiet, sit down, shut up, do as I’m told, take up my cross and follow Jesus (in the fundamentalist sense). An act of rebellion against those who support Kavanaugh, and that whole debacle last September. Those who support Trump. Those who seek to use and abuse. Those who prefer secrets and lies. It was an act of rebellion that gave me the keys to unlock the door to my own remembering. Remembering my Witch nature. My witch history. My long time devoted service to Mama Earth. Reverence for her. And all of the seeming mysteries that were just the way it was way back when.

It was an act of rebellion.

But it was also a way to tend to and nurture the deepest parts of myself that hadn’t been acknowledged. A way to love. Both myself and humanity. A way to see with fresh eyes not tainted by the mechanistic, cold, soulless societal programming amidst so many of us. 

What turned out to be a giant leap for me, which I retracted at the beginning, but then surrendered to a solid YES, ended up being a significant turning point. This companionship started weeks after I celebrated my 41st birthday, and this has been an utterly magical and transformative year of me being tapped into my soul’s knowing, tapped into the energy of nature with her cycles and seasons, tapped into archetypal energies of the collective unconscious, tapped into the richness inherent in the Feminine.

It was Brandi who led the way, acting as a conduit for this knowledge she has lived out for her lifetime. If there was ever a woman I would want to learn about all things Witch from, it would be her. I’ve learned from a few others, and appreciate them, but Brandi emanates a raw humility combined with fierce power that shines true as a devoted Witch, through and through. We all have our own ways of being Witch, and Brandi reminds us of that continually, empowering us to take part in only that which resonates. She doesn’t prescribe anything, but rather offers. Invites. Shares. She is gloriously open to the innumerable ways of embodying Witch, celebrating our uniqueness. She encourages and supports us. She’s a fellow companion in the journey we’re all in, together, and I honestly shudder to think how different my life would be if I hadn’t participated in this companionship. I’m grateful I heeded to the pull of my soul, though it was a rocky start of indecision. In facing and moving toward the unknown, though, I discovered parts of myself that had laid dormant for decades. Now, almost a year later, I feel more alive and in tune (with myself and with the cycles of nature).

Sarah B

I’ve been taking Brandi Woolf’s Witch course now for almost a year. I find the information fascinating, the delivery to be above par, & the heart of the woman (Brandi) to be clear & welcoming! Wherever you are, she meets you there – to support, not to do it for you; to offer – not to expect. I find these to be rare qualities found only in seasoned teachers & guides. You would be Well Served & Blessed by taking any of the courses she offers!

~Sati C

Witch has meant so much to me. It’s been better than anything I’d expected it to be. I came into witchy things on my own by myself in what felt like a desert-life, stripped of meaning or magic by the drudgery and aseasonal sameness of my surroundings, unable to see or imagine another way. I always felt like something was missing and that I could never find it. Witch was something that helped shift that. So many ideas for living more magic were shared in so many ways. I really appreciated that there was no one right way to do things, and I felt amazed at how many different ways there were for different people that came up throughout the course of Witch. I learned that anything in life done wholeheartedly and with conviction can be magic, and there’s room for all of it. There are so many right ways to do things, though that qualifier can only completely be known by the person doing it.

Through Witch I rediscovered and strengthened my connection to parts of myself I’d lost or stuffed away very early on in life. I’d already been trying to do similar things on my own, but I found Witch when I was looking for more, and discovered exactly what I needed.

Going into Witch, I thought maybe this would be the sort of thing where I’d just learn some neat tips, tricks and ideas to be more earthy or something, and that I might not even be very good at it. But it wasn’t like that at all. (Being earthy was fine too, that just wasn’t what I needed.) Instead I actually learned how to live a more empowered and wholehearted life on my own terms and by my own definition, and I felt unwaveringly supported in doing just that.

Amanda K

WITCH with Brandi is a beautiful, connective, magickal journey. It’s a gentle, 100% safe space with gorgeous witches who are so generous and deeply care about one another. It’s a place of healing. I can’t say enough about Brandi herself. She is so welcoming, empathetic and beautiful. She deeply cares about every sister in the collective and goes above and beyond to personally get to know each woman. She is available, loving and magic. If you follow her feed, you can probably already sense this about her energy. Highly recommend partaking in anything she offers.

All my love ~Jennifer

What a sacred and beautiful experience Brandi has created for us Witches. She has created such a safe container for women to be vulnerable, powerful, curious,  engaged, and inspired. The resources that were provided for us each month were educational and also fed my curiosity about “how” to be a Witch, what that looked like for me, how to deep dive into myself to find the powers that were already inside of me. I never felt like anything was homework or “work”, only opportunities to explore rituals and practices that felt authentic to me. The calls that I could make always resonated and felt so safe, and while I couldn’t be on many of them, I always felt a part of something very special. I am beyond grateful for Brandi and all she is and all she continues to create and share.


My heart is so full with the love and heart balm that Brandi weaves for all her circles. This is my second year in her Witch circle. Her magic runs deep and truly is this beautiful slow living magic that beats to the same rhythm as Gaia. That beat brings you back to your center, back to your breath, back to re~membering, back to your essence. Brandi is an utmost gift of a guide, a wayshower, sister, witch, and priestess. Words cannot fully express my deep gratitude for her witnessing, wisdom, laughter, holding of tears, guidance, and listening. Witch is so much more and different than I thought it would be. For me it was medicine that I deeply needed as I retrieved my soul over the past 3 years. Dancing spirals ~ twirling ~ crown and heart to sky ~ I forever give deep bows to Brandi and all my sisters in this blessed circle of Witch. 


This is not a class, it is truly a companionship. It is an invitation to uncover your own personal magic. Being a part of WITCH for the past two years has enriched my life. It has given me a space to connect to my vulnerable authentic self, and to become more grounded and confident in that truth. Sitting in circle with Brandi as space holder and guide enables you to move beyond learning about what it means to be a witch, and to embody in your daily life whatever meaning you discover. In this companionship we each find our own way to WITCH, but we do so in community. 



I am ready to invest in my own magic.