tend gently your grief {sold}


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This was the first piece I began after my father died. I needed to get my hands into something and the slow, dreamy process of tapestry weaving called to me. This was created on my daughters loom, she lovingly offered it up knowing that it would begin the healing process. In the beginning I would just rest in front of the warp, not wanting to move too fast, knowing grief is slow. I didn’t have a vision necessarily, I just knew that what would come through me would be the medicine I both needed to receive and the medicine I needed to share. Every morning for over a month I would sit at the loom, choosing another pathway, another hand spun story to wrap in and out, to twist this way and that with simple, yet purposeful color ways that held each other in the journey. And that is what was the most pronounced in coming through, the being held.

I will not tell you exactly what this tapestry speaks when it tells me its story, because I want you to see it though your own eyes, run your hands over its waves and curves and feel it come through you in the way it can only be told to your heart. But I will tell you, that though it began as a journey through grief, I was so deeply held in the process of its creation that it also became a journey though joy, a journey though hope, and more than anything, a journey of tending to them all.

20 in. length from branch to branch
15 in. wide


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