runes (large)


{this is a made to order product}


the runes are an ancient alphabet and symbolic divination system said to be given to man by the god odin after entering a state of surrender and sacrifice.

sacrifice :: to make sacred

the elder futhark consists of 24 symbols to lend insight and guidance on your pathway of remembering.

these runes move through a sacred process of honoring from start to finish~ first, by requesting permission from the apple or cherry tree for the right branch from which to birth the runes. the branch is then hand sawed into the individual pieces, and each rune chooses the symbol to be set upon it by hand carving and then burning the rune deeper into place. the entire process takes place in a prayer state with intentions set for your highest good.

each set is hand crafted (by my husband and rune master) upon order and therefore will vary slightly in appearance. please allow a two week turn around time before shipping.

{for size comparison this rune set is the largest rune in the last image}

we are a small business and hand made home and do not offer refunds at this time. please commit to your yes before purchase.


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