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this rosary holds much of my own magic through pieces that i’ve collected during my journey of life and is deeply honoring of our ancestors and guides. this is a personal rosary, as if i am handing you bits of my story for you to integrate and embody into your own~ with a blessing of my whole heart. a blooming rainbow of color like our ancestors before us, i’ve included hawaiian diamonds from my favorite necklace that i wore with great devotion when i lived on the islands. hawaiian diamonds, or pele’s tears are peridot stones and some of my very favorites. there is also beach glass and hagstone from my beloved atlantic, as well as coral and shell from my grandmothers collection and many other pieces from my travels filled with whispers of stories and spells. linked in steel for surety of purpose, you will also be adorned in the energetic qualities and physical beauty of a myriad of crystal guides, including lapis, amber, moonstone, mother of pearl, amethyst, aquamarine, smokey quartz, labradorite, green serpentine, black water jasper, sodalite, tourmelated quartz, rose wood, lava rock and more. Set with a teardrop pendant of abalone and mother of pearl.

approximate circumference 33 inches.
hang length 22 inches.

hold. wear. pray.
reclaiming the magic of the rosary.

… … … … … … … … …

the reclamation rosary is a worry stone, a sacred crown and holy mantle, a conversation with spirit and a symbol of devotion and dissidence. it is a tool of magic; one that continued to be used by the people of the mother even as the church tried to possess it/them.
laid with power words and sacred spells, the rosary is a gift of our forebears. listen to her sing to you.
sing back.

… … … … … … … … …

recommended reading: the way of the rose, by clark strand and perdita finn
(please is if it within your means, support small and independent bookstores)

recommended listening: rosary chant to the great mother, by jessica zinchuk of the story medicine

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