A journey to and through the sacred… this is the path to Witch.

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The intention of this 13 Moon Journey is to nourish the embrace of your path exactly where it is while encouraging you to expand into your edges, to remind you that there are no measures to meet, ranks to achieve or tests to pass, and to honor your pace towards opening up to your truest self and the Witch within and how you choose to express her in the world.

WITCH is a self-paced online container that meets you where you are while extending beyond, flowing through the seasons of your life as you travel them to bring an intentional sacredness to everyday moments in real time~ with feet on the ground, hands in the earth, whole life living. With deep, inspirited, woven language, guided audio meditations and journeys, and supportive, informative videos, you are encouraged to find your own path in our your own unique way. What does sacred living feel like to you?

This is NOT a ‘how to’ course. It is a ‘how many layers can I strip away until I uncover the essence of my own belonging’. It is a held space to unravel, remember and weave your story in ways that support your life; in ways you may not even have imagined before. You may re-imagine Witch in a whole new way; letting go of spiritual gurus and guidebooks that lay out a singularly defined path with a specific destination. After all, who knows the way better than you? Destinations are reached by the paths we carve and only we know what feels best beneath our feet. What is yours made of?

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