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a talismanic kitchen witch

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they travel from near and far, carrying their bundles of home wood for the council fire, herbs of offering from their medicine gardens. they bring staff and broom, to clear the space and ground and direct the energy. in their gathering baskets they carry treasures from the paths they’ve tread, seeds and nuts and healing herbs, feathers and bones they’ve collected along the way, and of course, tales of home.
their origin stories are yours to create, filling them up with a magic only you can inspire.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
though i name these “kitchen witches”, truth be told they belong anywhere that feels resonant of hearth magic~ which is simply the energy of home.
they are not simply decoration to be admired, though indeed they are difficult to keep your eyes off of (their charm of attraction draws you in), these hearth keepers hold presence of purpose and are intended to work for you. symbolism is a prominent part of witchcraft and the talismanic energy she carries will inspire your magic in every day living. every piece of this witch was crafted with pure intention, devotion and love. she called in her colors, her tools and the essence of magic that she embodies.
this particular hearth keeper is a unique and one of a kind sister witch of a group of ten: the fox matriarchs of the juniper woods council, named so because on the day i began their creation (on the full flower moon) i met a fox next to a twisted juniper grandmother on my jaunt up the mountain. though each uniquely individual, they are a collective spirit, these sister matriarchs.
each holds in the cauldron of her womb space a secret drawstring pouch for your spells, sacred items and magical intentions~ and will arrive with offerings from the land i am honored to steward, as well as a slice of juniper wood to serve as their foundation carved with a bind rune of algiz and wunjo for protection and joy (carved by my rune master husband).
i have never been without a kitchen witch. as a child i remember at least two in my grandmother’s kitchen, one of which now resides in mine. she is a funny cloth thing with a squat nose flying on her broomstick and i adore her. another i have was sent to me from a dear friend all the way from triora, italy, the city of witches. she has a long, pointed, warty nose and bare feet. she is also flying on her broomstick. i named her hagfoot. i adore her as well. kitchen witches exist because witches know that magic is rooted in the practical and every day living. and where does more living occur than in the kitchen?
these witches are inspired by my own grandmother, and hold rich ancestral magic in their essence. they are slow magic through and through, crafted at my kitchen table, in the midst of homeschool lessons and dinner time. they are intended to be heirlooms, witches of old, passed on to loved ones holding the energy and magic they’ve collected from you to be carried forward.
each hearth keeper is slow crafted, their brooms selected one at a time, the hemp fibers collected, combed and formed with love. the baskets are made from jute and nettle, with a foundation wire of deep red for remembrance of our blood and bones, and the stories that we gather throughout lifetimes of travel. their priestess belt is braided from handspun nettle fiber and has room for you to add your own talismans and symbols to remind you of your own innate magic. their included pieces of cast iron, copper or metal tools have been purchased at retail cost from small businesses/makers like myself.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
i love to take fabric and let it unfold in a fluid and intuitive manner without pattern or design. everything i create with needle and thread will have raw touches to them, as i believe it conveys a handmade charm from the center of a life wholly lived. messy hemlines, visible stitches and frayed edges, all intentional, contribute a quality of spirit of living life to its fullest, like messy hair and dirty feet~ with wild joy and a deeply rooted foundation. my creations are solid and any imperfections should be received as intentional and part of their charm.
these hearth keepers are not toys and are not intended for children, though i wish you good luck in keeping them apart~ as my own littles are as enraptured with them as i myself am. their clothing is sewn on and not to be removed, though their priestess belts can be untied to add on your own bits of magic. though secure in her stitching, i cannot be held responsible if your hearth keeper falls into little tugging hands that twist and pull. she is strong, but far from indestructible. treat her with respect and she will serve you well.

we are a small business and hand made home and do not offer refunds at this time. please commit to your yes before purchase.


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