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I had a dream that my father and I were walking the shores of Avalon. Though I have always had a strong connection to the isle, I’d never shared this with my father, yet there we were all the same, arm in arm, in the heavy mists on the edge of the lake. I later learned that some believe there is a connection between Avalon and Helheim, the kingdom of the dead in Scandinavian mythology, and for my Viking descended father, it could very well have been that we were exactly where we were meant to be.

In the dream I wore the dark robes of the Priestess, and though there was no separation between our hearts as father and daughter, I knew that my role there was indeed as the Priestess, just as I had served as both upon his passing, when he left this world to venture into the next.

We did not speak, and our silence was like a song. There was peace, a tender understanding of our being there together. I felt held by Goddess, that she walked with us both and laid a gentle hand on our hearts.

When I woke I wanted very much to hold onto the feeling of walking with my father on those shores, I wanted to create a piece to honor that space of daughter/priestess in the liminal shadows of life and death. I wanted to capture the silver mist on the lake, the green moors swathed in purple flowers, dotted with smaller bits of bright yellow blooms, and of course the dark indigo of the Priestess.

This is my largest weaving to date, and like this journey though life and death, it has been filled with trial by fire and great wisdom. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I dropped the warp and spent hours upon hours trying to not give up on the whole thing, meticulously untangling strand after strand and retying half the warp. Its color is fittingly the priestess blue and as is everything that I find on my journey though this life, I live into the symbols and messages in everything~ and these were big ones as I walked the grief path working mindfully from warp to weft, from chaos to peace. Woven prayerfully and intentionally throughout is my own hand spun wool, complemented by local linen flax and organic cotton in the colors of the landscape from my dream. Finally, this piece is accented with crocheted lace edging in honor of my grandmother, my father’s mother.

This prayer shawl was rain washed under the Capricorn full moon.

67 in. length (5 + ft)

43 in. wide (3.5 + ft)

contains well over 70 hours of my time, my song, and my magic.

hand wash or gentle machine wash with cool water
lay flat to dry or air dry over a hang line
(you may tumble dry in a cool setting until mostly dry but may experience slight shrinkage)

allergen warning: crafted in the home of a farmer, with animals galore

we are a small business and hand made home and do not offer refunds at this time. please commit to your yes before purchase.


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