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These earrings are power filled, witchy and bold from the ground up. Channeled first with the intuitive preference of the wearer, seven star cut amethysts in a deep purple create a bridge, connecting matter and energy, and the physical with the divine. Amethyst carries the energies of wisdom, clarity, and both a deeply grounding and highly spiritual essence. Seven is said to be a number sacred to Athena, and so the seven amethysts meet the seven lapis stones set opposite one another in an olive branch formation, both to further honor that which Athena held dear. They are coiled together with copper gold wire to represent Athena’s golden shield.

The earrings each hold an animal sacred to Athena, a sterling silver snake and owl respectively, both boosted by strands of lapis and onyx to offer the wearer wisdom, protection and a solid shield around the aura~ all strengths of the Goddess Athena.

All are draped solidly from a rich purple amethyst sphere, representing the wisdom and deep intuitive knowing that first the wearer holds before all else.

There is so much to these earrings that I could go on, but the beauty of the magic is to offer the wearer an opportunity to intuit their own symbols from what they see and feel as they adorn themselves in the sacred.



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