Q: Do I have to call or consider myself a Witch to benefit from this journey?
A: Absolutely not. The way of the Witch is myriad, full of beauty, intention and purpose. You don’t have to consider yourself a Witch to live a more intentional life~ or even to work magic. That being said however, I am a Witch and am calling in a reclamation of the SACRED naming for those that feel the call. So there is a certain comfort in acceptance you may need to feel into around the term, even if you choose not to claim it yourself.

Q: Is this companionship for women only?
A: Presently the Companionship and community as is, is open to women only.

That being said, I am happy to offer the written material to all people on an individual basis. You may purchase the Evergreen Companionship at anytime and the material is yours indefinitely. I am also open to offering separate groups or one-on-one mentorships. Please contact me if you would like to explore that. Though you’ll often read my language as women specific, the written material is for anyone that feels called to grow deeper into their own self. Those that want more WALK in their magic~ that don’t just SEE the path but want to dance with it. As your guide and creatrix of Witch, I am a woman. I bleed, I cycle, I’ve born children and am very connected to my femininity in a balanced way with my masculine. We will talk about blood mysteries and birthing cycles. We will explore patriarchy and matriarchy and healing the masculine and feminine. But these things are not an either/or~ they belong to us all. All I ask is that you show up with an open wild heart for yourself and other. We can and should be open to learn and love from the experience of one another.

Q: I’m a Witch with a strong and faithful practice. Why do I need to pay you to offer me what I already know/do?
A: Easy answer. You don’t. And gratitude for you, love~ walking your magic and doing your thing! However, if you want to open your heart to something that may be different or encourage a deepening in your Way~ come along. Sometimes it’s nice just to BE with each other. This Companionship offers lifetime access once your initial commitment has been fulfilled.

Q: What if I don’t like it? Is there an opt out?
A: I’ve poured my mind, heart and soul into this process (I think if you’re here reading this, you’ll love it!). Out of respect and honor for my time, energy and hard work there are no refunds. If you sign up for the monthly payment withdrawals, I ask that you know BEFOREHAND that you are fully committed. While this is a guided 13 month journey, you’ll have the inspiration at your fingertips indefinitely. You can self pace if you like and come back to it when you’re ready. This course includes unlimited email correspondence so you can reach out for support at anytime~ as well as optional and affordable phone/web consults should you feel guided in that direction.