Hello Wildhearts.

In order for me to live into my own healing work, while moving through the patriarchal conditionings/woundings of how we as women perceive our worth through our work in the world, I will always have 3 separate tiers for all of my offerings.

The first tier is the TRUE COST of the work. Meaning, the investment is estimated to cover the physical time, materials/space provided and energy I extend throughout my time with you. This cost allows me to pay myself fairly for the work I am doing, while also opening space for me to offer my work at a significantly discounted price for those that need it. If it is within your financial means to pay the True Cost without hardship, please do so.

The second tier is a discounted price that, while not offering me the full value of my work, still allows me to respectively continue to offer my work without depletion. If you cannot pay the True Cost, but it is within your means to pay the second tier without hardship, please do so.

The third tier is significantly discounted and made available at the lowest possible investment for me to offer my work without experiencing my own hardship, but with the understanding that I am still offering certain aspects of my services for free. If you are experiencing low income and are called to work with me, please use this tier.