Hecate is honored as Queen of the Witches. This Goddess in her crone aspect has been associated with the dark of the moon but in times before and beyond she was celebrated as a whole moon Goddess, meaning she represented all the phases and their journey through the sky. Known for her role in the Demeter/Persephone myth, Hecate is deeply connected to the Underworld. Barbara Walker, author of The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets says her story spans before that. She was the Egyptian midwife Goddess Heket, a wise woman in command of the “Mother Words of Power.”* She has been associated with healing and childbirth, prophesies and visions, magic spells and witchcraft, wisdom and transformation and renewal and regeneration. Hecate’s symbols are many, including the moon, crossroads~ especially where 3 roads met, dogs~ hounds specifically, torches, keys and the cauldron. As a deity of magic and prophesy, she was often invoked in rites of divination by those who set out on journeys.

In this ritual we are calling in Hecate’s midwifery skills to assist us in birthing our own words of power. Midwives are deeply connected to the life/death/life cycle and in that sense are walkers between the worlds. We call in Hecate to assist us with the challenges we are facing in the labor of what it is we’re needing to birth. As a Goddess of transformation, she can provide the Key to uncover the obstacle and guide you through the necessary surrender that is required to bring forth your vision.

For this ritual, gather:
•a fire proof pot (representing her cauldron)
•a candle (representing her torch)
•an old key that that no longer fits any doors or,
•a moonstone crystal
•a small shovel or something to dig with
•a bit of mugwort or an herb of your choice, as an offering

Other items to have on hand:
•your favorite oils, herbs or incense for burning
•matches or lighter
•your journal and pen

Read through the ritual before committing.

If you are aware of a private place where 3 roads meet, go there. This can also be done anywhere outside, drawing or building with sticks or stones a 3 way crossroad large enough to sit in the center. If you are inside you can use ribbon or string, or just energetically form the crossroads around you.

Have your supplies at hand. Create a space where you will not be disturbed. Place your cauldron in front of you anchoring your candle to the bottom, whether this is with a bit of its wax or a candle holder placed inside the bowl.

If you desire, you can smudge or cleanse your space in the ways that call to you. Light your incense or chosen aromatic to draw on the sensory process of setting this time and place apart from the mundane. Create your sacred space and call out your intention. This could be as simple as tuning into your breath while visualizing your life force energy (which is God/Spirit/etc…) filling you up. With every following inhale, draw in energy from the earth beneath you and with each exhale send it out of your body and fill your sacred space, creating a place of boundary where you are held in your rite. You can also cast circle, call in directions, elements, guides, etc. to your hearts content. If you are not familiar with the latter, I encourage you to keep it simple and follow your heart. The magic is potent whichever way you do it as long as your intention and presence is in it.

Once you feel settled into your space, state your intention and light your candle.

For example:
“I come here tonight to seek the wisdom of Hecate, Matron of Priestesses, Queen of Witches~ to guide me through the labor of dying to the old so that I may birth the potential of my magic.”

Either have a letter prepared or write it in ceremony about any obstacles, deep rooted stories you want to let go of, masks you need to uncover, things that are hidden or that you might fear stepping into, etc.

“Hecate, I honor your wisdom and seek guidance by the light of your torch. I ask humbly for assistance in birthing what wants to come through me. But first, I know I must create space to receive it.” Read your letter aloud.

“I ask you to take my words of fear/doubt/obstacles/etc. through the fire of your cauldron of transformation. I go forward with the knowing that I have nothing to fear of the dark itself and that within that space lies wisdom. I am ready.” Burn letter. (If inside, be cautious of surroundings.)

“In the light of this growing moon, I bury this key/stone, sacred to you, deep within the dark earth and ask that you fill it with the vision that I seek. I offer this herb of healing and prophesy to honor your presence in this magic and my trust in your wisdom.” Bury object and herbs of choice, doing some digging about their magical properties. If you are doing this ritual inside, go outside and bury it directly. You may place a cloth over the object in ritual to symbolize the burying process.

“I will return when the moon shines full to unearth the magic freely given, knowing your voice has spoken filling this token with the vision I seek to come to me in dreaming time. I honor you and give thanks, Hecate.”

Spend some time in quiet reverence or meditation knowing the work/magic has begun. when you are ready take a deep inhale, drawing in the energy of your circle space and with an exhale sending it back into the earth with deep gratitude.

“Together we hold the key to unlock the wisdom of the moon. I trust the vision is coming. And so it is.”

Extinguish your fire and clear your space. Spend some time journaling if you are called. Return at the full moon to dig up your stone/key and place it under your pillow, repeating the words, “Hecate reveal to me what it is I need to see” every night until your vision becomes clear. It may show up as a word, image, thought or complete vision. Keep your journal nearby so that you can write upon waking. I offer that she may send you the vision in the light of day as well. Pay attention and stay aware of what comes to you in the waning days until the dark of the moon.

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