brigit (sold out)


brigit~ a reclamation rosary

she who sparks creative fire
and the rich blood of remembering
she stirs the cauldron of ecstasy
inspired by heart matter
and breath of life, birth, and death
lighting the flame that
carries us forward.

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crafted in fire and sunbursts, this copper linked rosary joins together the energetic qualities and physical beauty of sunset opalite glass and several stunning variations of carnelian in matte, polished and faceted form~ completed with a bronze finished triskele.

approximate circumference 33 inches.
drape length approximate 18 inches.
hang length 21 inches.

hold. wear. pray.
reclaiming the magic of the rosary.

the reclamation rosary is a worry stone, a sacred crown and holy mantle, a conversation with spirit and a symbol of devotion and dissidence. it is a tool of magic; one that continued to be used by the people of the mother even as the church tried to possess it/them.
laid with power words and sacred spells, the rosary is a gift of our forebears. listen to her sing to you.
sing back.

recommended reading: the way of the rose, by clark strand and perdita finn


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