a 3 year journey

(Priestess has been postponed and dates are tbd. Please read more here.)

We begin on the Land.

After a week long deep dive into both ceremony and sisterhood, where we begin to gather our tools and revitalize our connection with the cycles of sun and moon,
we part…
carrying our medicine home to our own daily rhythms, where we dedicate ourselves
to the Path of Priestess.

This is not a Mystery School.
You are the Mystery School.

There has always existed within me a deep yearning to know that I belong to the earth; that I am not something separate form the land and her beings, her cycle and the way she breathes, flows and grows and is both steady and constantly changing~ but to live with the foundation of birthright that I am from her. In truth, I am her, and I will return to her when this body is ready to transform back to mud and stardust.

We are the earth and all that she holds. We are the sky; the heavens above existing in the center of our soul. We have always been that, it has never been otherwise. We are a sparkle of the mystery gifted this physical existence to live out a divine purpose on this planet.

I believe you are here because you know this, too.

Priestess is a way of life, lived in devotion to this knowing. It is a practice of daily remembrance to your connection with Spirit~ the Essence of Divinity that you hold in your heart center, and the truth that calls you to breathe life into your sacred path as a human walking the Way.

This particular walk of devotion does not call to everyone. To live prayerfully and to touch the sacred every day through acts of ritual and ceremony~ that which is daily living, does not speak to us all. We are not all called to witness the moon changing shape and to honor that reflection within. We do not all feel moved to step forward intentionally, one foot in front of the other, and to drum out our heart beat in rhythm to Her own. No~ to live slowly, mindfully, to do the work of weaving in shadow and light, or conversing with the dark to initiate the healing way, this is not for all of us. And to know that our presence on this planet is a divine oracular gift in service to the One, the Mother of all, She who exists everywhere outside of us and wholly within us, is not a path that everyone wishes to take.

We are not all called to walk this Path, wholeheartedly and with holy feet.
But, it just might be that you are. You and me. We have been listening to a song that is ours to sing.

I believe you are here because you know this, too.

•   •   •

This is not a light path, by means of ease or comfort, though it does bring both when steadily traversed. In truth it is rooted in what is deep and dark, for that is where we all begin~ in the womb waters of the mother. It is in that holy space where the seeds are planted and the transformation begins.

When you touch into your soul’s source of memory~ the one still tethered to the ALL, every breath forward contains the divine essence of that connection and everything you touch is blessed by the origin of the sacred breathing ceremony through you, effortlessly.

It is simple, really, when it is remembered. But those memories have been buried deep and most of us cannot be bothered to dig them up. For others though, we can feel them like a second skin and we must find those threads and weave them back in. They are still connected, after all. They are not lost to us.

This journey is rooted in devotion by pathway of the heart, and traversed through the vehicle of our hands and feet~ meaning, you will create and walk your own way forward to what lives and breathes into the center of your soul. Your heart is your guide and your pathway beyond. It is both the physical and spiritual connection by which you communicate with the Liminal.

This journey is not for everyone, for truly we all have our own medicine way we were born to walk. Perhaps though, you are here reading these words, feeling your heart begin to stir and flutter because this way is yours.
This Path is the one you were born to walk.

I believe you are here because you know this, too.

Three years is a long and beautiful discipleship and a steady container to hold you while you pick up the threads of your heart way; for you to reweave the mysteries back into your being and to design the tapestry for the altar of your life. This is good medicine and true magic that will nourish you home. Three years to capture the essence of your devotion. To say yes is to know that you are ready.

Sisters. Do not enter in lighthearted.

Come only full hearted.

This is not another online mystery school where you come in hoping to “find” yourself , only to leave an inbox of unopened emails and forget the container that was here holding you.

First, there is nothing to find, Priestess. The threads of your being are not lost; only covered by layers of patriarchal conditioning that have worked damn hard to make sure you forget the magic you are made of and your connection to Source in the first place. Second, this journey requires your discipline~ that is, your Discipleship. To self and Self. It is a privilege to step into and if you are in that place of being available to it, it asks for your true commitment.

To know you are ready, is to also know what it looked like when you were not. We can (and should) honor both of those places. We, like the Earth, hold many seasons in our lives, each of them deserving our full presence and respect. If this is your season for Priestess, I welcome you with the full embrace of my own knowing that I, too, am in my own distinct season~ the one that can hold you here in a space that will offer the most sacred container for your remembering. Once you step on this path, it is yours forever. You will never again forget what you came here to know.

This is a 3 year devotional journey for those seeking to dedicate their lives to the Path of Priestess.

Where this road ends is yours to decide. But take note, this journey will change you.

“She changes everything she touches; everything She touches changes.”

Images by Ashley Hallmark. Copyright Gathered and Found. All Rights Reserved.

Year One :: RETURNING :: Making space and lighting the fires

Year Two :: REMEMBERING :: Holding space and tending the flames

Year Three :: WALKING THE WAYS :: Taking up space and carrying the torch

(details for each year coming soon…)

Each new moon we will journey for the Vision Seeds. These are the seeds that will nurture and grow our personal way forward. With clear direction honed by the dreams of our unique intentions, we will cycle through rhythms and rituals surrounding our hallowed container and the intimate way we walk our magic. Twice a moon, on the wax and wane, we will meet one on one via Zoom for a live Circle Session for ceremony and guidance~ touching in on your Vision Seeds and unraveling any tangles in your personal web to be thoughtfully rewoven into the vessel that holds this work steady and sacred.

Each year begins on the Land, where we dive deep into ceremony and craft sacred tools to take us through the year ahead.

What are the medicine stories?
What are the prayer songs?
What are the mysteries, waiting to be sung through you?

The True Cost investment for this three year journey is $12,240 USD. This Tier One level breaks down to $4080 per year and/or $340 per month. This includes 4 group retreats on the land (all accommodations, excluding travel~ 3 five day and 1 three day- dates tba) over the 3 year cycle, bi-weekly one-on-one ceremony/study/guidance calls, all tool crafting and supplies to journey through the year with, as well as communication and accountability with me throughout, a collective virtual circle space for the sisters and open access (with notice) to the land to continue the process of living magic through work study and the intimate priestess walk with me. A $1360 deposit is required toward our first retreat on the land. Payment plans are available and can be suited to your needs on an individual basis. 

Tier Two Investment: $10,800/3,600/300 ($1,200 deposit)
Tier Three Investment: $9,360/3,120/260 ($1,040 deposit)

All Three Tiers are for the same 3 year experience, nothing excluded.
Please visit this page to learn about how I price my Tiers.

Priestess will welcome 9 women to this 3 year journey of devotion.
(Priestess has been postponed and dates are tbd. Please read more here.)

More details to come…

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*images by Ashley Hallmark, copyright Gathered and Found.